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Wilkommen, Bienvenu, Welcome!

Once you're in, you can never get out

The Royal Court of the Gutter
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Hello, darlings! Welcome to the Gutter!

Have you ever felt that lustful feeling,
as you gaze upon a picture and think
things to send your mother reeling?

You feel your mind begin to slip,
Descending into that fabled land
of men and boys and chocolate and whips.

Come on now, join our place of sin!
There's something for everyone here!
So enter the Gutter - let the fun begin.

And now introducing the Gutter Girls!

flowershoes! Nikki has a tail fetish - After all, they're so versatile!
kyate! You like Kayt? Too bad. So does peoalda
v_laa! Lil likes showing the Brits Australia - Especially Tasmania.
Nessa! Ness likes hers, shall we say - a little foreign?
Kathy! Kathy pretends not to encourage the boys - but we know her for who she really is.
Melissa! Melissa is our queen - and she really likes tomatoes.

So go ahead! Try Helga Nikki! (Just don't forget to bring her back to Alan)